Our vision

is to be globally a leading and reliable supplier of nature stones, by being respectful to our customer and be an example of excellence in service. At Stonegate, we put continuous efforts for delivering high quality natural stones and in return providing the satisfaction which our customers deserve. We do stone, we deliver stone.


We have been experts in this craft for more that 15 years. We trade blocks from Turkey, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Egypt, Africa, Vietnam
and China. We believe that a great part of our success as a teams is that we were alwayssearching and looking for the best blocks from all around the world and to know the value of each material and its perfect use and to bring it home to you to enjoy.Consistency in developing our procurement skills, and supply chain capabilities, is a key element to our success and elevation in mass trading. Our factory is an arm to securing our commitments. That’s why we have a strong presence amongst more than 1800 factories of Marble and Granite in Egypt.