We Use Marble and Granite
To Make
Your Life Elegant



Nature is the main influence of who we are and what we adapt to, as nature is the primary source of harmony and happiness.
Our link to nature can help us inspire, engage and interact more with ourselves, and our surroundings as it puts us more in a state of peace of mind and soul.

Our Vision is to be globally a leading and reliable supplier of nature stones, by being respectful to our customer and be an example of excellence in service. At Stonegate, we put continuous efforts for delivering high quality natural stones and in return providing the satisfaction which our customers deserve. We do stone, we deliver stone.


We are experts in this crafts. We trade blocks from Turkey, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Egypt, Africa, Vietnam and China. We believe that a great part of our success as a teams is that we were always searching and looking for the best blocks from all around the world and to know the value of each material and its perfect use and to bring it home to you to enjoy.

Consistency in developing our procurement skills, and supply chain capabilities, is a key element to our success and elevation in mass trading. Our factory is an arm to securing our commitments. That’s why we have a strong presence amongst more than 1800 factories of Marble and Granite in Egypt.

Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected and exposed to the heat and pressure of metamorphism. Marble is primarily composed of (CaCO3) mineral calcite and it usually contains other minerals such as clay minerals, micas, quarts, pyrite, iron oxides and graphite.

Granite is a light colored igneous rock with grains that are visible to the naked eye. Granite if formed by the slow crystallization of magma below Earth surface. It is composed mainly of quartz, and feldspar together with a minor percentage of mica, amphiboles and other minerals.

Travertine is an opaque, chiefly light calcite sinter with pores and cavities. Its colors are white, beige, red and yellow. Travertine is formed as a result of rapid precipitation.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock largely composed of minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Most Limestone is composed of skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as corals, forums and molluscs.


Our factory is the main arm for securing our commitments.
It is one of the renowned factories amongst 1800 other
factories of Marble and Granite in Egypt. Our trading
capacity reached 50,000 m2/month.


Quarrying; the ancient technology by which the Pharaohs extracted the stones they needed to build their magnificent temples and by which also the Romans used to acquire the marble for sculpturing their statues.
Marble quarries are found in various regions around the world, where each region is known for its unique marble.
The huge quarries in Carrara, Italy, have been a source of the high-quality marble named after the city. Spanish quarries around the city of Yecla are famous for their most elegant Dark Emperador marble. Galala marble is named after the mountain it’s quarried from; Galala Mountain, located in Suez, Egypt.



Through all manufacturing
process, packaging and
loading, our QC team adapt
latest international standards
and industry best practices to
insure you are 100% satisfied
with the products you

At StoneGate we grantee you
receive ordered product with
perfect visual appearance and
specifications and with
accurate markings and labels.


We use the highest
international protection
standards for shipping and
packaging insuring that our
products reach our clients in
the best condition.

Using fine quality wooden
Bundles, Crates, and Pallets
with supported iron strips. We
always use the proper impact
resistant materials to protect
shipped products.


Slabs: 20″ Dry Box or Dry Open Top Container

A. 3.0 cm thickness contain Max 64 Pieces up to 280 SQM
B. 2.0 cm thickness contain Max 96 Pieces up to 420 SQM
Direct Loading: Average Loading 460 SQM

Tiles: 20″ Dry Box Containers with Average Loading Capacity 26 Tons (9 CBM)

– 1.0 cm Thickness with Average Loading 745 SQM
– 1.2 cm Thickness with Average Landing 690 SQM
– 1.5 cm Thickness with Average Loading 610 SQM
– 2.0 cm Thickness with Average Loading 450 SQM
– 3.0 cm Thickness with Average Loading 300 SQM
We partner with certified international freight forwarder in Egypt, offering integrated logistic service including tracking and custom clearance service.